How to get started with Bitquery's Blockchain GraphQL APIs?

Note: GraphQL API = GraphQL Query (We use these terms interchangeably.)

Bitquery Explorer

We have built our multi blockchain explorer to showcase our APIs, Therefore for beginners, I recommend first check our explorer.

You can enter your token, transaction, address anything and search for it. Once you see the relevant data you can click on the “graphql” button at the bottom right corner to check what GrpahQL query is responsible for that data. I highly recommend searching our explorer first before

Check our IDE - Examples
We have built our GraphQL IDE to make it easy to work with blockchain data. Using our IDE you can create, save, test, and share your GraphQL queries.

You can find a lot of query examples created by our community on our IDE, I recommend checking them first, most probably some else already build the query which you are looking for.

Query Builder
We also have a Query Builder on our IDE which is built to help you create our queries easily. This way you can create queries with simple clicks.

Check our Blog
We have written a lot of blog posts to help you explain our APIs, please them on the Bitquery blog. Additionally, read these blogs if you are new to Bitquery.


You can find our GrpahQL Schema on our IDE.

Calling Bitquery APIs programmatically
To call our APIs programmatically, you will need API keys, which you can get it by signing up on our GraphQL IDE, to learn more read this article.

Now if you still don’t question our GraphQL APIs please ask them on this forum, and always provide complete details.