Help! I need API DOCS for my web developer


I don’t know anything about coding or API and all I need is to provide my web developer the DOCS for the DEX API in order for him to be able to quote me for his work and to tell me what’s possible or not.

CoinGecko/CMC/nomics/etc… all have API DOCS readily available and that’s what I’m looking for.

If there isn’t anything like that then what do I give a web developer so they know what this job entails and how to set this up on a website? I’m not familiar with this topic so I don’t know what to give him if there isn’t API DOCS.

I’m building a website and I need the API to provide the price, market cap, 1hour and 24hour change for the tokens I mention on the site, that’s it. I’m not making charts.

PLEASE help me! I tried Telegram and email support, but it got me nowhere…

Thank you

Please check this, this describes how to get started with our APIs.

If you need a call please use this link to schedule it.