Avalanche DEXs APIs

Avalanche DEXs APIs

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates without a central authority, allowing users to transact peer-to-peer from wallet-to-wallet whilst maintaining complete control of their assets. DEXs reduce the risk of price manipulation, as well as hacking and theft because crypto assets are never in the custody of the exchange itself.

Announced in August 2021, the Avalanche Rush is a $180 million liquidity mining incentive program, that seeks to onboard some of the best DeFi protocols to the AVAX network. It aimed to empower both new and existing DeFi traders with several easy-to-use, fast, and cost-effective applications. Since then, the total number of transactions on the network has gone up from over 4 million to 18.5 million.

The Avalanche Foundation also launched Blizzard, an over $200M fund in November 2021, dedicated to accelerating development, growth, and innovation across the ecosystem of builders and users of the Avalanche public blockchain. The fund is focused on four key areas of growth across the Avalanche ecosystem: DeFi, enterprise applications, NFTs and culture applications.

The Avalanche DeFi Ecosystem seems to be at the tipping point of an explosion. There are hundreds of projects building on Avalanche. From the success story of Polygon, we all know how much incentive programs encourage developers to build projects on top of the platform and attract more users.

Today we will talk about some interesting stats and how to get DEXs trading data deployed on Avalanche blockchain using our DEX APIs.

If you want to get Avalanch DEX APIs access, all you need to do is sign up on our Blockchain IDE and get your API keys!!

Trade volume on Avalanche

Let’s analyse the volume of trade taking place on the various DEXs.

Total trade Total volume Average trade Median trade Contracts
Trader Joe 19372716 $57 billion $2944.83 $243.43 8192
Pangolin 5761874 $13 billion $2263.72 $285 2193
LydiaFinance 654562 $280 million $429.23 $158.50 99
Elk 294075 $111 million $380.460 $89.73 110
HcSwapAvax 234756 6.24537e+25 2.66e+19 $.14E+09 78

As visible from the above table, Trader Joe has the highest total trades, total volume and number of contracts too. However, Pangolin has the highest median trade.

Here is a pictorial representation of the data provided in the table.


You can obtain the above data using this query as well.

DEX protocols on Avalanche

Taking a look at the protocols on the Avalanche blockchain, we find that the many DEXs on Avalanche are forks of popular protocols such as Uniswap v2 protocol.


Protocols Trades Currencies Contracts
Uniswap v2 6298670 2355 4287
Uniswap v3 137 4 6
Uniswap 9 3 2
Mooniswap 4 3 3

The Uniswap v2 protocol is the leading protocol on the network followed by the Uniswap v3 protocol by a great margin. The other protocols have almost negligible contributions as compared to the Uniswap v2 protocol.


You can run the above query using this link: Avalanche protocols (bitquery.io)

Top Trader

Let’s take a look at the top traders for different DEXs on the Avalanche network.

Top trader Trade amount
Trader Joe 0x5dd596c901987a2b28c38a9c1dfbf86fffc15d77 $6.9 million
Pangolin 0x8848f3171ddd3080062e6b5169d6a4960e3cdbbd $3 million
LydiaFinance 0x23b570a4c01195ae0dcf638ed895bf972f6ccc47 $214k
Elk 0x212286bc6de93fe605aa0de60c7277f6808ec430 $90k
HcSwapAvax 0x5adaf66a3084281fb03856be96240abecfdf26b3 $124k
Thorus 0xb5b96f77dceca9969c1cf8bb52e1408347146274 $100k

Here also, Trader Joe’s top trader has traded the highest amount.

To find the above data, you can use this query.

Number of currencies traded on Avalanche

Moving on, now we’ll take a look at the highest number of currencies traded using different DEXs on the Avalanche blockchain network.

The highest number of traded Currencies:

DEX No.of currencies Month and year
Trader Joe 4042 December 2021
LydiaFinance 46 December 2021
Pangolin 435 September 2021
Elk 46 December 2021

Trader Joe analysis

We can also extract data related to a particular DEX, as an example here, we’ll take Trader Joe.


The different tabs give you data in pictorial well as tabular form which can even be queried using the GraphQL IDE.

Let’s take a look at the most traded token pair on Trader Joe now

The top traded token on Trader Joe DEX is MIM with more 1069868 trades and $2.6 billion in trading volume.


You can get this information using this query as well.

Makers and takers on Avalanche

Under the makers/takers tab, you can see a tabular representation of the latest makers and takers on the Avalanche network.


The trade maker with the highest trade amount “0x60ae616a2155ee3d9a68541ba4544862310933d4” has a total of 3701182 trades with a total trade amount adding up to a sum of 8048464087.395188.


You can use this query to get the above data.

Unique Traders on Avalanche

There are more than unique 250k takers on Avalanche blockchain. This shows more than 250k people traded on different DEXs on Avalanche.

OHLC Data for Avalanche

Using Bitquery’s APIs, you can easily get the OHLC data for the Avalanche network. You can use the following query for the same!

  ethereum(network: avalanche) {
      options: {limit: 100000, asc: "timeInterval.minute"}
      date: {since: "2022-01-23"}
      exchangeName: {is: "Trader Joe"}
      baseCurrency: {is: "0x1fe4869f2c5181b9cd780a7e16194fa2c4c4293d"}
      quoteCurrency: {is: "0x6e84a6216ea6dacc71ee8e6b0a5b7322eebc0fdd"}
    ) {
      timeInterval {
        minute(count: 5)
      baseCurrency {
      quoteCurrency {
      trades: count
      maximum_price: quotePrice(calculate: maximum)
      minimum_price: quotePrice(calculate: minimum)
      open_price: minimum(of: block, get: quote_price)
      close_price: maximum(of: block, get: quote_price)


We have almost all the DEXs on Avalanche and adding more every day, our DEX APIs are comprehensive and available for other blockchains too. If you building DEX related tool or looking to get DEX trading data, you can try our APIs.

If you have questions, you can also contact us.

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