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Among the various layer-1 blockchains aiming to capitalize on Ethereum’s shortcomings pertaining to lack of scalability, high gas fees, and others, there is Fantom (FTM), a decentralized, open-source, and permissionless smart contract protocol that allows developers to build decentralized applications (dApps), NFTs, and more on top of it.

In a nutshell, the Fantom blockchain aims to provide a solution to the infamous blockchain trilemma that argues that at a given time, a blockchain can only address two out of the three problems that plague distributed ledger technology, i.e., scalability, security, and decentralization.

The Fantom Foundation recently announced a mammoth 370 million FTM incentive program to encourage developers to build innovative and robust applications in the Fantom ecosystem.

Using Bitquery’s GraphQL API, we can make certain insightful observations regarding Fantom DEX.

Trade volume on Fantom

Let’s try to compare the trends of the DEX trades taking place on the Fantom network and try to make some inferences.

Exchange Total Volume Total Trades Median Trade Average Trade
SpookySwap 52729860866 44410434 36.99458372 1187.330456
SpiritSwap 12094781401 12442642 23.70682573 972.0428668
ProtoFi 496875056.3 584882 238.3957643 849.5304289
DarkKnight 249337377.8 473229 135.3910638 526.8852453
Excalibur 50939452.53 62849 289.7411484 810.5053785
Wigoswap 164126994.4 238812 197.4822485 687.2644357
SushiSwap 961296681.8 2594288 12.05516493 370.5435487

As we can observe, SpookySwap has the highest number of total trades with more than 44 million trades and the highest total volume of trade too. Even though SpookySwap has the highest average trade, the median trade amount is the highest for ProtoFi.


You can get all this data using the following query!


You can find easy to understand graphical representations of the DEX exchange trends on Fantom using our Bitquery Explorer and the GraphQL IDE too.

DEX protocols on Fantom

Moving on , now we’ll take a look on the DEX protocols on the Fantom network. Uniswap v2 is the most prevalent protocol on the Fantom network. The Uniswap protocol is also there but it’s presence is negligible in comparison to that of the Uniswap v2 protocol.


Protocols Uniswap v2 Uniswap
Trades 8639043 581
Currencies 3145 11
Contracts 5801 11

As we can see the number of trades taking place on Fantom using Uniswap v2 stands at 8.6 million whereas that of Uniswap stands at 581. Hence we can observe that Uniswap v2 is the major protocol on the Fantom network.


You can get the above data using the following query.

Top Trader

We’ll now try to identify the top traders and their trade amounts on different exchanges on the Fantom Network.

Exchange Top Trader Top Trader’s Amount Top Trader’s Count
SpookySwap “0xdefc385d7038f391eb0063c2f7c238cfb55b206c” 23055189.11 2
SpiritSwap “0x12efed3512ea7b76f79bcde4a387216c7bce905e” 37807897.86 12
ProtoFi “0x5aa27fb521ae05a744334a2c0f1fe5e775505482” 353660.21 2
DarkKnight “0xb72bdc1357dc4a34e6335afaa5f7d358de18098d” 245947.06 1
Excalibur “0x9b090761223bf884ae902c66c0373e5920f567aa” 99665.01 1
Wigoswap “0x9a763efcdff988f648400c14d905359f9f804127” 98713.59 1
SushiSwap “0x4a4c2269efcc996dbf3a3eb24d3420c494f26793” 1476487.65 1

From the above table, we can see that for SpiritSwap, the amount traded by the top trader (“0x12efed3512ea7b76f79bcde4a387216c7bce905e”) is even higher than the amount of SpookySwap’s top trader (“0x12efed3512ea7b76f79bcde4a387216c7bce905e”) and the same can be said for the top trader’s count too.

Number of currencies traded on Fantom DEXs

Let’s take a quick look at currency and contract stats of some of the exchanges on the Fantom network.

Exchange Currencies Contracts
SpookySwap 4335 6681
SpiritSwap 613 1157
DarkKnight 14 19
Uniswap v2 143 442
SushiSwap 434 730

Here as well, SpookySwap maintains it’s dominance with the highest number of currencies traded and contracts too.

Use the following query to fetch the above data

SpookySwap analysis


Using our Bitquery Explorer you can find great insights on SpookySwap like the volume of trade taking place, the Statistics, protocols, token pairs and trade takers and makers etc.


Using Bitquery’s widgets and tools, you can fetch the trades by tie, the DEX smart contracts by time, the traded currencies by time etc. You can get the daily, monthly and even the yearly data for the same using Bitquery’s GraphQL IDE.


Here we have a graphical representation of the monthly trades by time taking place on SpookySwap on Fantom using Bitquery’s GraphQL IDE.


Uniswap v2 is the protocol being followed on the SpookySwap DEX on Fantom, with the currency count being 1.259 million

Currencies: 1.259 million

Contracts: 1114

Amount USD: 1904

Latest Token pairs

You can even get the latest token trade pairs on SpookySwap using our Bitquery Explorer



You can get detailed information about the latest token pairs using the following query

Top Trade Makers and Takers on SpookySwap


The address “0xf491e7b69e4244ad4002bc14e878a34207e38c29” has the highest trade count and the trade amount on SpookySwap exchange

Top trade maker on SpookySwap

Address: “0xf491e7b69e4244ad4002bc14e878a34207e38c29”

Trade Amount: 775.986 million

Trades: 852,604

To get the above information, you can use the following query

In a similar way, you can easily find the trade takers for the Fantom network on SpookySwap very conveniently using the following query.



We have almost all the DEXs on Fantom and adding more every day, our DEX APIs are comprehensive and available for other blockchains too. If you building DEX related tool or looking to get DEX trading data, you can try our APIs.

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