HELP: Latest pairs based on volume


Long time Bitquery user here needs help with a query, it would be very useful if someone could point me in the right direction. I need a query that can find:

Uniswap/PancakeSwap V2 pairs created in the last 30 days where the
trade volume of the pair is greater than 1k USD.

I have spent hours scanning through queries, especially by gaurav, with queries that either find the newest pairs but with no volume filter, or a volume filter but no latest pairs. I need one query that can include pairs created in the last 30 days ONLY if their volume is greater than 1k. Looping through each of these decoded pairs to confirm their volume is too inefficient.

I have tried both ethereum arguments, ethereum dexTrades, and streaming (EVM) to no avail

Please help and tell me if this is possible! I have thought about possibly using fragments or variables, also to no avail.

Is this the query you are asking?

Its a great query, unfortunately it cannot determine whether

  1. The pair was created in the past month
  2. The data represents distinct pairs
  1. I will check on tradevolume, you get created pairs by count
  2. Please explain, you want unique pairs right?

Correct. All unique pairs in the last 24 hours that meet the volume criteria

And by the way, both the pairs (their addresses) and the volume filter must be in the same query.

Here is the way you can get the latest Uniswap pairs with over 1 million USD in trading vol. Only limitation this query has is that it doesn’t can’t filter pairs that are only 30 days old, rather it order by their creation date, so you can only take those results which relevant to you.