Latest New Pairs

I want to create a query to get the data that DEXTools Live New Pairs have.
Can anyone help me with that please?

You can reference to the Dex Trades Streaming Query below for all the new pairs created on Uniswap V3 in real-time

And if you want to add other DEX there just add the contract address of them of get the new pairs

I’m sorry, but I cannot decode this query to deliver what I want.
I found this query for V2 (Latest Pair Created on Uniswap) but it isn’t consistent in which order the main token and secodary token is delivered. Sometimes the main token is delivered in the token0 parameter and sometimes in the token1 parameter, which makes it difficult to pass to a database.

One thing you can do is, out of 2 tokens filter out the contract address of Wrapped Ether as 99.99% token pair created are using that only, the raw data is in that format only, we can pre-process it to make clear but it would take time