Last pairs from Pancakeswap


Please help me to compose the code: Get a list of the latest pairs from Pancakeswap.

a) a pair based on WBNB (for example: WBNB/PSWAP or PSWAP/WBNB if the order matters)
b) pair created from the last 2 to 9 days
c) daily volume (not liquid) more than 10k
d) last activity of buy/sell: less than 5 minutes (if possible)

Sort by daily volume.

Thank you

Hi @Alex sorry for the delay. This query fulfill the above requirements

Thank you, Sayon.

Something is wrong with the result. Only BUSD/WBNB pair is displayed with a different number of trading volumes.

I need A NEW pairs created in last 2 to 9 days, not top pairs like BUSD/WBNB

Check this example -

“message”: "ActiveRecord::ActiveRecordError: Response code: 500:\nCode: 160, e.displayText() = DB::Exception: Estimated query execution time (47.54567749630479 seconds) is too long. Maximum: 15.

I added date filter to reduce the data API trying to query.

  ethereum(network: bsc) {
      smartContractAddress: {is: "0xBCfCcbde45cE874adCB698cC183deBcF17952812"}
      smartContractEvent: {is: "PairCreated"}
      argument: {not: "pair"}
      date: {after: "2021-11-01"}
      options: {desc: "block.height", limit: 100}
    ) {
      block {
        timestamp {
      argument {
      reference {
        smartContract {
          currency {

I fetched thousands of latest tokens, but when I see latest coinmarketcap token I can’t find single token in what bitquery returned, why’s that ?

It would be great if you could help me on this.


Because DEXs have a lot more shitcoins.

okay got you
but why the tokens are missing, I mean are you skipping them ?

which token we skip… can you tell me an example?

Give me its address.