Filter like Dex Screener Dapps

is it possible to create a kind of filter with several queries at the same time?
Pool creation time is less than x days
Number of swaps in the last x minutes is greater than X
Volume in the last x minutes smaller amount Y.


If you want three different queries in one, you use aliases.

But if you want something like this query for pools created in the last x days that have a number of swaps in x minutes greater than Y and a volume smaller than Z combining all those queries into one to get a singular result is not possible.

You can do three different queries, like the first query to get pools created, the second query to get the number of swaps on a smart contract for each of those pools, and the last query to check volume for each of those pools. This is possible, but you have to run three different queries based on the results of the previous one.

I will share those three different queries.

This is the first query to get the latest pairs created on the Uniswap contract on Ethereum: [Ethereum] Get List of Pairs Created on Uniswap

The second query to check the number of swaps above a certain value (in the query, I have set the value to $500): [Ethereum] Get Count of Trades Above Certain USD Value for a Pool

The third query to check volume in 30 min intervals: [Ethereum] Trading Value of a Pool in 30 min interval

You can run each query based on the results of the previous one.

Thank you for the nice solution.
Perfect Support!!!

Let me know if you have any other questions about anything else.

is this possible to get the queries for the streaming api?