How to trace money flow on Binance DEX network

Hey team!

Is it possible to trace the money flow / movement on the Binance DEX network?

For example, if I have a receiving wallet address, is it possible to see the sender address and vice versa?

Love your work!

You can use our explorer for this, for example, check this.

Additionally please read the following articles, which are written for other chains but it will work the same for the Binance chain.

I have tried that but it does not work on Binance DEX. All it shows is a blank screen as per the image attached.

That bitcoin link unfortunately doesn’t help because nothing loads in the Money Flow screen.

Any other ideas?
Can it definitely be done in Coinpath?

I’m happy to send through the wallet address privately if that helps?

Thanks again!

Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 11.11.53 AM