Sign Up on Bitquery and Get API Key

Sign Up on Bitquery and Get API Key

Table of Contents

  1. Sign Up on Bitquery
  2. Get a Bitquery API Key

How to Sign up On Bitquery

If you already have a Bitquery account, you can skip this step.

To create an account you will have to go to Bitquery IDE and click on the Do not have account? button. Sign Up, once you have clicked the button you will have to fill in all the required fields, then you will solve the Captcha and click Sign Up.



How to Get a Bitquery API Key

To get the API Key you just need to click on your account logo (next to your e-mail) and then click on API Key.

If you want to regenerate your API Key just press the Re-generate key button, note that all applications using that Key will stop working.

Try not to give your API Key to anyone!