Introducing Teams

Introducing Teams

We are happy to announce the TEAM feature for our Bitquery IDE.

Bitquery IDE is a go-to tool for many teams for querying blockchains. With the Team feature, you can now bring all your colleagues under one billing account and share your GraphQL queries and billing points.

Billing changes

All team members you will invite will share the Admin’s billing points. Admin can invite up to 3 members for free; for every additional team member, it will cost $30 extra; however, billing points will remain the same.

For example, our Growth plan currently costs $999 monthly, and you get 40 million points. Now, Admin, you can invite up to 3 members (including them) without any extra charge. All these three members will share the same points. However, now you want to invite the 4th member, it will cost an extra $30, and for every additional member, it will cost $30. However, they all share 40 million points.

Separate API keys and Point Consumption Visibility

Every user will have its API KEY, which is advantageous when companies want to use different API keys in environments such as Production or Staging. In addition, Admin can view the points consumption for all team members.

How to invite a Team member?

Open GraphQL IDE → Then Account

Then check the Team from the dropdown again.

Now you will see the screen to invite your team member. Also “Points consumption” tab to check the points consumed by your team members.

Query Sharing

Sharing queries is beneficial for team members, especially the new ones. Therefore now all the Private queries will be shared with your Team members.

Overall, the Team feature on Bitquery IDE is a great way to streamline collaboration and improve productivity when working on GraphQL projects. Try it and see how it can enhance your team’s workflow!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to

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