How to upgrade your Bitquery GraphQL account

To answer popular customer queries regarding how to upgrade their GraphQL API subscription plan, this tutorial focuses on how to make changes to the existing user plan in Bitquery GraphQL API.

Checking Your Current Plan

When you go to GraphQL IDE, you get a similar dashboard.

From there, click on the ‘user icon’ and then, to the Profile section as shown below.

And you will be redirected to

In the Account section, you’ll get insights regarding the number of points consumed by you or your enterprise along with your account name, email ID associated with your account, creation date of your account, etc.

If you move over to the Billing section, you’ll find insights regarding your account plan and payment details.

If you hover down, you’ll get to know the day your subscription begins, the day your subscription terminates, the date when you will be billed for the same, the total number of points you have in your account and the payments tab.

Buy Subscription

Click on the ‘Buy subscription’ button (the blue button which you see in the above image) in order to buy/update your existing subscription plan to Bitquery’s GraphQL API.

After clicking on the button, you’ll be redirected to and you’ll see a similar screen as shown below.

After selecting the plan which suits you/your organization’s requirements, click on the Select button and a modal popup would appear which would ask your name and the name of your company as shown below.

Click on Save, and you’ll be redirected to a page similar to the one shown below

After checking the checkbox which states that ‘I read, understand and agree with these terms and conditions’, you can make your payment either through card or via cryptocurrency!

Wait for a message to ensure that your transaction has been processed and enjoy Bitquery GraphQL API.