Introducing Points

Bitquery indexes more than 500TB of structure blockchain data today and opens APIs to access this data at scale.

To achieve simplicity, we choose GraphQL, which provides a single interface to access all our data.

In other words, using our GraphQL IDE, you can access any blockchain data through a single GraphQL endpoint.

For example, using a single interface, you can write a query to get a blockchain’s latest block height, follow money trails on the blockchain, pull dex trades for all the blockchains we support etc.

However, every query doesn’t consume the same amount of resources. Some queries need 100 records to provide results, and others crawl through billions of records. Some returns data from the cache, and others might consume 100 GB of memory to calculate results.

Single GraphQL interface gives convenience to end-user; however, it makes it very difficult to price our product. We can’t charge based on the number of API calls (which we currently do) because every API is different and consume resource differently.


We have thought of different ways to price our products. However, they all needed to compromise simplicity and convenience on the user’s end.

It’s only fair if we calculate the resources of each request and price based on that, and this is exactly what we did.

Introducing Points

We are happy to introduce “Points” (in Beta till 1st May).

When a user runs a query on our infra, we calculate the resources it consumes. Then, points are calculated based on the pricing of those resources.

Points = Resources consumed * Price of resource per unit.

The algorithm to calculate Points and resource prices are subject to change in future.

Note : From 1st may, our pricing will be based on these Points, not API calls. For now, there is no change in pricing.

Benefits of Points

  • All APIs will be available on every tier.
  • Points will incentivize query optimizations; therefore, it’s a win-win for everyone.

How does it impact Bitquery users/customers?

We have added Points everywhere on our IDE; you can check under your profile, API usage or billing how many Points you are consuming.

We probably won’t change our pricing tier, which we have referred it as credits, so if your Points consumption is too high, please optimize your queries today. If you don’t know how to optimize them or have any questions or feedback, please write on our community forum or try our Telegram.