Bitquery IDE runs query every time you select one

When you click on a query in the IDE on the left-hand side under Private/Shared/Builder, it is executed automatically every time and costs Points unnecessarily. Is that intentional?

Is it possible to turn this behaviour off? For example, I would first look at the query and edit it if necessary before executing it.

You may fork the particular query in the Private/Shared/Builder sidebar as shown in the image below where I have tried to fork a query named Bitcoin Active Addresses by month.


And that won’t run the query and hence, you don’t have to be worried about losing points.

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So there is no way to look at a query first? I have to fork it first and then go to edit mode?
Because some queries cost a lot of points, I don’t want to trigger them by mistake.

@gaurav does it cost you points if you just fork a query?

No. It doesn’t cost to fork a query