Inaccurate transaction address returned by Bitquery as compared to Etherscan

The GraphQL query for the same has been listed as follows Jira Request Sayon #1

The transaction addresses are as follows:-

  1. 0x837dc41856c752e1b955c27381df768acf680bb7
  2. 0xe8dbddcb472073e718f73faa61567cb986dd7888
  3. 0xe1d84ba0f002315fbb60ebf7b59ed959f3053ca8

For txAddress 0x837dc41856c752e1b955c27381df768acf680bb7 the count returned by Bitquery is 63 while returns 73.

For txAddress 0xe8dbddcb472073e718f73faa61567cb986dd7888 the count returned by Bitquery is 7 while returns 8.

For txAddress 0xe1d84ba0f002315fbb60ebf7b59ed959f3053ca8 the count returned by Bitquery is 16 while returns 20.

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