How to Buy Bitquery Subscription?

Want to buy a subscription? In this article we will show you how

Table of Contents

  1. Log In On Bitquery
  2. Account Details
  3. Available Plans
  4. Payment and Terms
  5. Upgrade Subscription
  6. Cancel Subscription
  7. Auto Charge
  8. References

1. How to Log In On Bitquery

If you are already logged in, you can go directly to your account and go to step 2.

To log in you will have to go to the right corner and select Login, once you have pressed the button you will have to fill in your data. If everything has gone well, your email will appear in the right corner.

Now you can continue with step number 2!

2. Account Details

Here you can see the details of your account, and one of the most important things will be the consumption of points you have in your account. To view them you can go to your account.
To buy a subscription you will click on the Buy subscription button.

Billing Tab Details

Now you can continue with step number 3!

3. Available Plans

In this section we will be able to see all the available plans that Bitquery offers us, you will have to choose the most suitable for your needs.
In addition to choosing the plan, you will have to see if you want your subscription to renew monthly. Once you have chosen the plan and the monthly renewal you will press the Select button.

Available Plans

Please note that the payment method for monthly renewals can only be made by credit card.

Card payment is done using Stripe and is properly encrypted using TLS (SSL) on all HTTPS connections.

Now you can continue with step number 4!

4. Payment and Terms

Now you will have to select the ticket I have read, understand, and agree to these terms and conditions.
If you selected the monthly renewal, you will also get I agree that each month my card will be charged the specified amount until I cancel the subscription.

Now click on the Pay by card button, and you will be directed to Stripe to fill in your details.

Pay Once a Plan Image

If everything has been successful, we will have successfully received your payment. You will see the details of your payment and your plan.

Succesful Payment Image

5. Upgrade subscription

When you select a subscription with monthly renewal, you can upgrade your subscription by clicking the Upgrade subscription button; only higher plans will be available.
If you have upgraded your subscription to a more expensive one, your new period will start that day, and all the points you previously had will be transferred to the new one.

Upgrade Subscription Images

When you have active paid period (and no future periods) you can buy subscription from next period.

6. Cancel subscription

You can cancel your monthly subscription by pressing the Cancel subscription button, this will show you an alert where you will have to press Cancel Subscription again. Keep in mind that by canceling the subscription the points you have will remain available until the expiration date.

Cancel Subscription Images

Auto Charge (Recurring payments)

Stripe will charge you money every month on your billing date, the customer has 10 days to pay (if there is a problem with your credit card). Bitquery will send emails daily notifying about payment delay for 10 days; after 10 days, Bitquery will cancel the subscription and block the active period.

Email notifying


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