Bitquery offering question

  1. can your service be considered as chain analysis service? if so, what are your differences vs, say

  2. can you advise us that certain address BTC/ETH if scam/banned/whatevre? if so, whereare you getting these “labels” from?

  3. based on TX (BTC and ETH for now) provide us details on the sender and some depth on the sender as well (like 3-4 hops before?)
    basically we need to understand if sender or previous senders to the sender were the in the scammers/black list?

1- No, Chainanalysis is a compliance solution provider, we are providing the technology which needs to build such a solution, therefore Chainanalysis and companies like them can be our customers and some one their competitors are already our customer.

2- We can Labels (Annotation) from multiple sources, we have a limited set of annotations on Bitcoin and Ethereum, they can be seen in our APIs. Sorry, we only provide tools, not consulting service.

3- Yes please check the links below.