Are there any new restrictions for the Free Plan?

I have developed a software that requests a query every 6 seconds (rate limit) over a certain time. Points are still available. Until recently, this procedure worked flawlessly. Recently I get the http error 403: Forbidden after a few minutes. Are there any new restrictions or why does this not work now? Thanks a lot, Michael

There was an unexpected downtime yesterday. It was a one-time unplanned error. It should work now. If not please create a ticket

Hi! I’ve been facing this error from a few days ago till now. Is there any remaining issue related to this one?

No, but I am facing this with the support. I ve tried to lower the request frequency to surely not violate the ratelimit but also at 10 sec. this error occures.
At the moment, my solution is to catch that error 403, wait another 20 sec. and do a retry of the current request. Hopefuly, this is a temporarely state.

Same with me, this error occurred even with 2 requests/minute.

If you’re still facing the issue, can you please create a ticket with more details ?

We’ll surely get back with the fix!