Support suggestion?

Hello community, I’ve tried to get help into telegram group they forwarded me to this place. If this is wrong section please move to the correct one.

My question was:

code in question regarding graphql

transaction in question:

now the base currency is reported as erc20, but actually what they sell is erc721 tokens in transactions

with this code we want to calculate the tokens usd price
quotePriceUSD / baseAmount = 1 token price

this works correctly for normal tokens, but these erc721 tokens seem to report a wrong “quoteAmount”? and as a result a wrong quotePrice?

this wrong quoteprice comes cause of the baseAmount being 1e-18 instead of 1 resulting in a quotePrice of 45000000000000000 instead of the same value as quoteAmount

if this is the correct behavour, is there an actual way to tell the difference between this ( which sells smallest token unit 1e-18 always ) and a normal token which sells different amounts?

Sure there is an error in showing erc721 as erc20…

But other pricing parts I need to check with devs.