[HELP] Open price seems to be wrong

Can anyone help me:

the open price seems to be wrong.
this minute interval has 3 transactions, each happened at 2021-12-11 03:03:56

now the first transction is the value you see at “low”, how come it is not used as “open” value and instead the “close” value is used ?

i suppose it happens cause i need some different ordering in case of duplicate minute values, but what that be?

i tried
[“timeInterval.minute”, “block.height”, “transaction.index”]
but as soon as i add that things are not grouped anymore

Here is the query (Trades SCLT) which is getting the first 3 trades from the time you put in the OHLC query.

You can see the first trades quote price is 1.599287166297901e-10
which is the open price for your query 1.599287166297901e-10