Is there an easier way to get these

Hello, does anybody know what’s the easiest way to get these…

1H% change, 24H% change, 7D% change?

I saw on the forum that people have said I have to get latest price and then use some time interval and then I’m guessing there’s a bunch of math involved.

Is there not a simpler way to have it do all of that for me? For example, I provide the blockchain and contract address and it gives me all the market data for that token.

Please let me know if that’s possible and tell me all available options to get that info.

Thank you

This GraphQL query would give you the desired results keeping the desired parameters intact.

There is indeed a way to do this as shown in the above GraphQL query. While doing so, there is a high load on the server as well as it would cost you a lot of points in order to fetch data in such a way. Hence, we recommend you to optimize your GraphQL query by adding date, limit, etc. parameters.

I don’t understand, that query you gave doesn’t provide any percentages for anything. It only shows prices and prices in whatever interval it has. Or is some of those things percentages without the actual “%”? It’s very confusing.

I literally want it to tell me the percentage that the price changed. Everything I want is in USD, not against the price of some other cryptocurrency.

For example, if I want the 24H% price change of ETH for this exact second. Like with the CoinGecko API you can simply get the 1H%, 24H%, 7D% or whatever they have available. You provide the contract address and chain and that’s basically it.

So how can I use BitQuery and get an actual percentage from you guys? I don’t want the price from 24 hours ago, I want the current 24H% that reflects how much the price has moved in the past 24 hours.

Every time the query is ran I want it to reflect the current 1H%, 24H% and 7D% change.

For example, if I was making a token tracking website like coinmarketcap then I’m going to need to update the 1H%, 24H% and 7D% change of all the tokens on my website.

Thank you for the help.