Getting accurate data about new tokens

Hi there!
I’m hoping to get accurate data on new tokens like $Ai ( 0x3ce38bc4df7112e3944d724572e42b0cb805ad2a ) using bitQuery APIs, I would need to get 24H volume, total market cap and the max price of the currency, It’s a couple of days that I’m trying to come out with a query but I’m not used to GraphQL and the data I’m retrieving seems incorrect.

For instance, trying to get the market cap of the coin mentioned above:

  ethereum(network: ethereum) {
      baseCurrency: {is: "0x3ce38bc4df7112e3944d724572e42b0cb805ad2a"}) {
      tradeAmount(in: USD)

I’m getting “456,744” as a value while on DEXView - Realtime Price Charts I see “71,600”

I would need those queries to be as dynamic as possible since the user will need to insert the contract address.

Thank you all in advance for the help.


The query you have used is incorrect. Please check this query
and let me know if you have the details.

Thank you for the kind reply.

That’s pretty much what I need, but I don’t really understand how to get the all time high price, I guess that it is something from this part of query:

history {

But I get multiple values and they don’t make much sense to me. Can you help?

You have to use dexTrades API for that. For getting OHLC use appropriate timeframe in timeInterval parameters.
Lawyer-Ai-OHLC → this is the query

Thank you very much, just another thing. The values provided are pairs with the quoteCurrency. Is that right?
How can I get the price in $ by knowing the value of one of the pair currencies ( in this case WETH )?

use (in: USD) in the parameters

quoteAmount(in: USD)
tradeAmount(in: USD)

Umh, I really get high values with those, what about the Highs and Lows, are them in dollars?
Thank you.

All values by default are calculated against WETH.

And how do I get the minimum and maximum in dollars? Thank you

Here I tried to multiply the given value by the current value of WETH in dollars but that doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any ideas?