Is there an API that allows me to query all transactions for a specific block of the BSC without running a node?

Yes, you can query all transactions for a specific block on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network using the Bitquery API without running a node.

The Bitquery API provides a convenient way to retrieve all transaction details, such as sender, receiver, transaction hash, amount, gas, and more, for a specific block on the BSC network.

For example, for block number 39110000 on the BSC network, all the transaction details are retrieved using Bitquery API: All the transation details - Blockchain Data API

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Users can create an account on Bitquery plateform using Bitquery and refer to the documentation at Your First Query | Blockchain Data API (V2). [Ethereum APIs - How to query Ethereuem blockchain using Bitquery?](https://Youtube link:)