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Hi there, we are building an app that will manage data from BSC blockchain. First we need to get all historic swaps (only swaps) from an specific address. We made a test with this query: All token swaps for a given address using this wallet: 0x0fEd08B40D64e28AdB4728031153D65fB57B2Ad8 but we noticed that the swaps where the tokens leave the wallet (and received WBNB in exchange) are not appearing in the results.
Below 2 examples:

Waiting for your reply. Thank you.

Try this query

Hi Gaurav,

That works fine, but I have a question, in many cases the smart contract applies a tax and the buyer receives less tokens, an example here in this tx hash: 0x8e83dc8399fd9987063758779f33a7ba25767431d6d48194b16094d204c61e83

In this case the swap was for 99.9k tokens (as shown in the query result) but actually the buyer received 92k tokens after tokenomics (as shown in BSC scan), so my question is: how can I get all the historic swaps from an address, same as you gave me above, but this time only showing the net values after taxes? I mean, is it possible that the query results show the exact same values as shown in BSCscan transactions?

I ask you this because we want to calculate the real profit of each transaction…

Thank you

You need to get transfers for these swaps. I don’t think there is any way to get them in a single API

So how can I get these transfers? all historic transfers from an specific address, example 0x0fEd08B40D64e28AdB4728031153D65fB57B2Ad8, as sender and receiver? thanks

All Transactions inflow All transactions inflow

All transactions outflow All transactions outflow

  1. free plan: which is the ‘‘maximum’’ number of swaps we get in the same call?
  2. transaction { gasValue…how do I get the gas in USD?


Try 100,

Gas Value in USD is not available yet…

Do you have the exact number? it’s important to know because we need to calculate ALL time transactions profits, and many wallets have more than a thousand swaps…

There is no exact number because it’s memory-driven, meaning we have a set memory limit for data getting processed when you query… so sometimes we can return up to 10000 results and sometimes 1 is more than enough. It depends on how much data your query is trying to process.