How To Use Bitquery With OpenBB Terminal

How To Use Bitquery With OpenBB Terminal


Table of Contents

  1. Sign Up on Bitquery
  2. Get a Bitquery API Key
  3. What is OpenBB Terminal
  4. How to Install OpenBB Terminal
  5. Setup Bitquery on OpenBB Terminal
  6. References

How to Sign up On Bitquery

If you already have a Bitquery account, you can skip this step.

To create an account you will have to go to Bitquery IDE and click on the Do not have account? button. Sign Up, once you have clicked the button you will have to fill in all the required fields, then you will solve the Captcha and click Sign Up.



How to Get a Bitquery API Key

To get the API Key you just need to click on your account logo (next to your e-mail) and then click on API Key.

If you want to regenerate your API Key just press the Re-generate key button, note that all applications using that Key will stop working.

Try not to give your API Key to anyone!





What is OpenBB Terminal

OpenBB Terminal provides a modern Python-based integrated environment for investment research, that allows an average joe retail trader to leverage state-of-the-art Data Science and Machine Learning technologies.

In a nutshell OpenBB Terminal is an open source alternative to Bloomberg-Terminal, this application will help us in the crypto and stock market.
Thanks to Bitquery we will give a boost up to OpenBB, with which we will be able to use certain commands that will be very useful to obtain information at onchain level in cryptocurrencies.

How to Install OpenBB Terminal

To install OpenBB Terminal it will depend on your operating system.

macOS and Windows

For macOS and Windows we can go directly to the official page or github releases.



  • Python 3.8 or 3.9
  • Anaconda
  • Preferably a debian based linux

For linux you can follow these steps:

conda install -c anaconda git # Install git
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y cmake gcc # Install cmake and gcc
pip install cmake
git clone # Clone the repository
cd OpenBBTerminal/ 
conda env create -n obb --file build/conda/conda-3-9-env.yaml # You can change the environment name for whatever you want, in this case, obb
conda activate obb # Activate the environment 
pip install -r requirements.txt # Install the dependencies
python # Run the App!

Remember that sometimes depending on what python is installed it could be python, python3, python3.8, py, etc, as well as pip could be pip, pip3 or pip3.8. That will depend on the distribution and how you have installed python.

This is the menu that will appear when you run it

Setup Bitquery on OpenBB Terminal

To use Bitquery in OpenBB Terminal we will have to define our API Key. To define it we will execute the command keys and then bitquery <API-KEY>. Note that it is without the “<” and “>”.

It is important that when the command is executed the output says defined, test passed.

We have correctly defined our API Key, now we will be able to use commands that require bitquery.

The syntax of OpenBB Terminal is very similar to that of ordinary terminals, you can navigate through the menus with the arrow keys as well as execute commands with ENTER.

Some of the most important commands are:

cls: allows us to clear the screen/terminal.

help, h, or ?: will allow us to show information about the menu we are in.

quit, q, or ..: will allow us to go back to the previous menu (similar to cd .. on terminals)

about <topic>: will redirect you to the official page for more information.

Useful Commands that Require Bitquery

To get to the section where the Bitquery commands are we will go to the path /crypto/onchain/. If you have just opened OpenBB Terminal you will have to type crypto and then onchain. Once in the path we can type help to review some of the commands that can be done with Bitquery.


If you have any specific problem with the installation or with bitquery, maybe these links will help you:

OpenBB Official Page

Official OpenBB Terminal repository

OpenBB on Discord

Bitquery Official Page

Bitquery Forum

Bitquery on Telegram

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