API error sensitivity

I am usually running large queries with multiple tokens in once call. Some of those tokens just have been created. If there is a 60 minute data delay some of these tokens are not available on the blockchain due to the processing delay. Is it possible to set API sensitivity so even if it doesn’t find a certain address from the batch I am sending it should still run those that are actually available. This is a major problem and it seems that the systems are in a delay very often and my processing stops all the time because there is one or 2 out of sync tokens in the call.

Yesterday, we face some infra issues that’s why you faced a large delay, things are back to normal, you can always check the delay here. https://bloxy.info/status

Don’t worry, we gonna push a real-time system next quarter, a state-of-the-art solution to get real-time blockchain data at any scale.