Implement Real-time data without web-socket via BITQUERY GraphQL API with TradingView

Hi, i’m having problem with implementing real-time data, it seems data have delay of 10-2mins or its depend of pairs?

when we look at the data of WBNB/BUSD with Tradingview chart’s

here’s what looks like:

and if we zoom in this is what happened:

and the the candle bar date shows late by 1 day when we hover the mouse on the candle i don’t know if this because of timezone, but i used Etc/UTC or because of the period but use periodParams from getBars function and pass it to the query of time.

time: { 
   between: [$from, $to]

We have a delay in data you can check here.

However, we have built a new real-time system to overcome this problem, if you want a demo of this platform, please DM me on Telegram @gaurav_zen.

Other than that we have UTC timezone in our data.

The code you shared is too long to read, let’s have a call use this link to schedule the call. I will help.