About solana streaming delay

I am interested in bitquery streaming for solana block chain (dex trades) for my products. But when I did the testing for real-time data query, I found the delay was so high (more than 1 hour). Is it a bug and waiting for fixing, or any problem with my query? Any suggestion?
Thank you.

I worked with Solana - Web3.js API and found it to be pretty unreliable especially when the network was congested. Not sure if that’s your issue, but in fact I’ve read Solana services are built to resend failed Sol transactions because Sol transactions fail a lot, especially when congested.

I work with Base now :wink:

I found they have solved the delay problem now. But the returns are still inconsistent, I think we should wait some times for them to fix it.

Sorry for the delay in response. Yes, there were issues before. Fixed now. Please create a support ticket at support.bitquery.io for any issues