What do the values `amount` and `txValue` mean in a query result?

What is the definition of the amount and txValue returned by a query? I interpreted the limited docs as amount being the amount from the sender to the receiver and the txValue being the total value of the transaction (including values sent to other wallets or from other wallets or both). But for some queries, there is only one transaction and yet the amount and txValue are not equal. Why is this?

The amount value also doesn’t seem to correlate with looking up the transaction directly on other services (which agree with each other)

Example: one of my queries returns the following:

    "__typename": "BitcoinCoinpath",
    "sender": {
        "__typename": "Address",
        "address": "1KZRNqwgpiZd1nxeMnrSZBBKiPoK2aXFFa",
        "annotation": null
    "receiver": {
        "__typename": "Address",
        "address": "17zkQnX3G23hjyGPMrT6HexUGqLJFKRW7T",
        "annotation": null
    "transactions": [
            "__typename": "CoinpathEntry",
            "amount": 1849.56630607,
            "height": 227808,
            "timestamp": "2013-03-24T12:00:25+00:00",
            "txHash": "6e3e882ef26fe9f0f7dac32f65a3f88605da1ae849370c6d45dc9c52c4e152ae",
            "txValue": 3220.3667
    "amount": 1849.5663060700033,
    "depth": 3,
    "count": 1

The value of that transaction is in fact 3220.2667, given in txValue, so what is the amount?

This is coinpath api and the value amount represents the stolen or tracking amount you are wishing to track and txvalue is the overall value from other people as well that maybe other victims or partners

So, if I understand correctly the amount is a heuristic that you calculate internally, and not data you pull from the blockchain. Is that correct?

We pull data from blockchain, you our model and help you track your data