Transfers with Amount in WETH

Hi guys, quick question about a query I need to formulate.

I’d like to get the list of transfers of a token including the amount transferred and the value of that amount in ETH.

I was able to get the query based on the explorer, retrieving the transfers, sender and receiver with the amount expressed in the token its transferring, but how do I get that amount to the value in ETH at that moment.


Check this

:+1: that works, thanks!

Why amount is returning 0 for some tokens?

Adding “amount(in: ETH)” is working for the token you added in the Sample (UFO) but testing with MUTE (0xa49d7499271ae71cd8ab9ac515e6694c755d400c) for instance is always returning 0, except when I remove the “in: ETH” part.

because we don’t have their USD price.