Transfers and Balances are Unreliable. (Incorrect data)

I’ve used graphql api for get historical transfer data for many wallets and found incorrect data in address balance or address transfer.
The amount of tokens is displayed as a negative number or some amount of tokens is incorrect.


  1. This address shows a negative BNB balance(-39.74) in bitquery explorer.


  1. And the reason of unreliable is because token transfers in some transactions have been lost.
    this should have transfer of 40.4357BNB to 0x239a77… but in bitquery it was missing.
    You can find or check transfer of 40.4357BNB to 0x239a77… in this internal txns

I have to get tons of wallets data. And I believe there is a chance that it will happen again.
(I found that this problem wasn’t just me)

How can I fix it? or How can your team support this problem?

P.S. Should I contact Tech Support via the Growth or Business Plan for solving urgent problems ?

Hey, @planxnx Thanks for noticing it, we know there were problems with balance APIs… however, we still need to investigate it.

However, as you mentioned we will fix these cases. However balance APIs have to be revamped, so it will take, not in priority, however, let me check with team.

How long does it take to update API?

Now if the same problem occurs again, what should I do?

If I use growth or business plan, Will your team be able to resolve this issue?

We provide the same data for all our plans… In the growth plan, we will expedite your support request.

However, we can only check these problems when they are reported.

Hi, I just signed on as a customer and I noticed that the transfer data is incorrect.

If I query the Bitquery API for transfers for this account:

  solana(network: solana) {
      receiverAddress: {is: "HLmqeL62xR1QoZ1HKKbXRrdN1p3phKpxRMb2VVopvBBz"}
    ) {
      date {
      currency {
      receiver {

I should get a bunch of historical data. See the block explorer’s hundreds of transactions: Explorer | Solana

However, I don’t get this.