Strange issue when searching through blocks

I’m testing the BSC chain and have this query:

query MyQuery {
  ethereum(network: bsc) {
    smartContractCalls(options: {desc: "block.height"}, smartContractMethod: {}) {
      block(height: {is: 8730128}) {
        timestamp {
      smartContractMethod {

Works fine, gives me a list of transactions types and the time stamps, etc.

If I add a line to filter for swap in the smartContractMethod, that works fine too. To do it, I’m adding the line:

smartContractMethod: {is: "swap"}

BUT if I try to filter for Contract Creation lines it doesn’t work despite there definitely being on in this block (you can see this by searching through the original query that has all lines). The line I’m using is:

smartContractMethod: {is: "Contract Creation"}

Has anyone seen this or have any ideas why it not showing up?

This is a bug with contract creation filter, will fix and report

This is selected for development, so will resolve quickly.

@Aleksey @gaurav is there an update on this? I’m having a similar issue, if I filter by block 4145415 (ethereum) without Contract Creation the ZRX token creation is there but with the filter it doesn’t return anything.

@Kaladin did you find a solution?

This is fixed