Solana daily transaction volume in USD

I’m trying to sum up all daily transaction volume on Solana (denominated in USD). To do this, I started by forking the existing community Bitcoin query. The Solana query I created (see here) returns daily transaction volume on the order of $2.5 Trillion, which seems impossibly high.


  1. is the query written incorrectly, or is there a data integrity issue?
  2. what would be a valid query to obtain the desired data?

Thanks very much!

thanks, could you please elaborate? you mean bitquery itself has some issues? are these issues specific to Solana?

I cant see your query

Try this:

Yes, Daily Transfer values are in trillions, we need to check out data, we will come back on it.

thanks, gaurav. I appreciate you having a look!

hey gaurav, i know the team has a lot on its plate, but did you ever get a chance to look at this Solana question? thanks!

This is in pipeline. not solved yet.