Query stopped working

My query used to work well but now returns an error.

query QuickSwapSwapsQuery {
ethereum(network: matic) {
exchangeName: {in: “QuickSwap”}
options: {asc: [“any”], limit: 25000}
smartContractAddress: {is: “0x07D53B147EF96FAD1896D1156755A9DA7E06098E”}
time: {after: “2022-04-30T20:00:00Z”}
) {
tradeAmount(in: USD)
any(of: time)
transaction {

Now it produces error:

[ { “message”: “undefined method `operation’ for nil:NilClass”, “locations”: [ { “line”: 3, “column”: 17 } ], “path”: [ “ethereum”, “dexTrades” ], “error_type”: “client” } ]

What might be the problem?

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Could you give us more details and how often this problem occurs?

I just tested the query and everything seems ok

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NVM. Asked on your tg channel, guys said they’re on it. After 24h it works now, so all good.