Is it possible to get exact token balances in wei?


I saw that EthereumAddressInfoWithBalance.balances is deprecated but it didn’t seem apparent if an alternative is available. The value returned seems to always be floating point with 8 digits of precision. Is it possible to retrieve the full value in wei similar to the erc20 balanceOf call? Thanks!

Edit: also can 0 values be filtered out?

Hi @llama42 it isn’t possible at the present moment to retrieve the full value in WEI token.If possible can you please share your GraphQL query so that I have a better understanding of what you want.

Thanks! Perhaps it will be possible in the new version. I was looking at a sample query such as Balance to retrieve all token balances. However using these values for calculations is problematic due to rounding and representation inaccuracies.

Edit: just wanted to note the existing functionality is still great for getting an overview and I can look up exact balances as needed.