Is it possible to find the liquidity of pools and liquidity change with the each trade?

The liquidity of a pool is the total value of all the tokens held by the pool, and the total value is equal to the balance of the tokens. By calculating the sum of the balance of all the tokens, you can easily determine the pool’s liquidity.

Use the Bitquery API tool to directly access and calculate the total balance of all currencies within the pool, providing a clear and accurate measure of its liquidity.

In the following example, we have determined the liquidity of the USDC/ETH pool (address: “0x88e6A0c2dDD26FEEb64F039a2c41296FcB3f5640”) and the liquidity change on Uniswap in the Ethereum network.
Pool Liquidity - Blockchain Data API

[ Pool Liquidity - Blockchain Data API ](https://API to get the Liquidity of pool and change of liquidity with each trade)

Create an account on Bitquery using Bitquery and refer to the documentation at Your First Query | Blockchain Data API (V2).

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