Incorrect holders calculation

It seems that the number of holders displayed on is very different from that shown on etherscan

holders: 37xx here

holders: 30xx here

You can get these token holders through APIs and check yourself…

Sign up on bloxy, clock on “API” at the top right corner.

Then “Method Reference” → “Token” → “Token holder list”.

This API is free, therefore if you find a problem with our data then show us … otherwise we will always say that our data is right.

wait … what? what reasoning is this, I also showed it to you with links from the official site

This is Bloxy

This is Etherscan

How you can say that Etherscan data is correct over us?

are you a bitquery developer? I assumed etherscan is the most reliable as everyone relies on it

We are providing you get this data and then match who is right?

Basically we have API to all those token holders as mentioned above.