How to use the "between" filter in a query

I’m trying to pull in trade volume from a certain date but I can’t get it to work. I’ve tried using “since” and “till” as I saw in an example but I’m not getting results and getting error messages complaining about using too much memory. I’m assuming that’s because it’s trying to pull all the trade since my date, AND all the dates until “till” (ie. every trade ever).

I’ve tried using the “between” filter, which makes more sense, but I can’t figure out what kind of input it is expecting. The builder seems unhappy if I try to put more than one date in so I tried using the ISO8601 format for expressing a range, which is two datetimes seperated either by a / or by – but neither of these worked.

Is there any good documentation on using GraphQL API queries somewhere? I just find myself incredibly confused whenever I have to touch them.

Brilliant, thanks. I don’t know how to make an array in GraphQL but I can figure it out. It’d all be easier if I knew GraphQL but I don’t really know anything.

Any chance you can enlighten me on this schema.json? Where do you find it? I create all my queries in the IDE Builder tool.

Thank you, it’s all working now.

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