How to get burned supply of a token?

How to get burned supply of a token?

I want to get the market cap by using the total supply (minus burned supply) multiplied by current/latest price.

That’s the way poocoin shows it, they include locked but exclude burned, so I’m trying to do the same.

I know poocoin uses Web3 for their market cap data, but I don’t know how to do that and looked at the Web3 website I was provided by someone in here.

If I got market cap without excluded burned then it would be a fully diluted valuation instead of market cap.

Any help? Thank you

Sorry for the late reply. You can get the BURN supply of a token using a GraphQL query similar to this

You can get the latest Market Cap of a token using Bitquery through a GraphQL query as shown in this community forum post

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And regarding this burn query you provided, it doesn’t show the total burned supply of a token, it shows multiple burn events according to the block height or something like that.

I want the total sum that was burned by an individual token, like the balance that the burn address holds of the token I input.

As mentioned in my other reply, if possible I’d like to get total supply, total burned and price of a token, all within the same query.

Thx for your help

Please check if this GraphQL query solves your issue