How do i track daily Daily active users and Transactions on AVAX?

whats the right way to query ? im thinking the below query but the DAU numbers dont match the C Chain explorer Avalanche Stats: View Network Activity on a daily basis

query ($network: EthereumNetwork!, $dateFormat: String!, $from: ISO8601DateTime, $till: ISO8601DateTime) {
  ethereum(network: $network) {
    transactions(options: {asc: ""}, date: {since: $from, till: $till}) {
      date: date {
        date(format: $dateFormat)

      txs: count



Daily actives users are different from senders… we don’t have DAU …rather senders and receivers.

i think it depneds on DAU , im defining DAU as number of unqiue senders

in that case is my query correct? thanks

Yes… your query is correct