How can understand and calculate value for priceAsymmetry and tradeAmountUsd

Hello all,
I have problem with price when build the tradingview chart with some token the price have really high value and I use to filter priceAsymmetry and tradeAmountUsd after filtering some charts are correct and some are incorrect Do we have formula to calculate value for priceAsymmetry and tradeAmountUsd?

And I bought API key but nobody from @Bitquery support or answer my questions.

Here is my query for ETH / WFTM GraphQL IDE

priceAsymmetry with lt:0.01

priceAsymmetry with lt:1.5 → this price is correct.


priceAsymmetry measures how close the trade’s prices are to each other. If the price asymmetry is less than 0.01, then the difference between the prices is less than 1%.
However, the value of 0.01 might be too small and could omit a lot of trades. You could add another filter liketradeAmountUsd: {gt: 100} filter to only include trades with a trade amount of more than 100 USD.

Here’s an example query based on the token pair you have shared. ETH/WFTM OHLC


Got it.
Thanks Divya.