Get all transactions in a period

I recently found GraphQL and, I’m not sure how to use it. I’m currently working on the Cardano network. I want to get all transactions in a period with their input and output addresses and the amount that has been transferred. I wrote this but, It’s not complete yet. Can anybody tell me how to add the addresses?

  cardano {
    transactions(time: {since: "2021-12-01T09:42:59", till: "2021-12-02T09:42:59"}) {
      any(of: date)

It can’t be done in one query.

1st you need to get the transactions in that period

2nd get inputs and output for those tx

Can somehow combine these two queries in one? I’m actually writing a python script, so I don’t think using two queries makes any trouble but I want to make it faster.

This might help you combine 2 queries: