Feature request for Filecoin network API

Hey everyone!
I want to use Bitquery for fetching the data for our smart contracts on Filecoin network. For it I need params field of the message to be indexed, so I could query all calls of the specific method.

It would be event better if Filecoin EVM transactions indexing will be added to Bitquery, so I could fetch, all events, for a specific smart contract for example

Also, when trying to query method id for EVM calls on Filecoin I get an error, that the type of id field ishould be BigNumber. It is true, as EVM method id on Filecoin are like this: 3844450837.Could you change the type, please?

Hello @kmadorin , thank you for bringing this to our notice. Can you create a ticket at https://support.bitquery.io/ with some details on what needs to be changed? This will be fixed.