Excel & Can the entire output of a date range be displayed at once?

Can the entire output of a date range be displayed at once?
From here: https://explorer.bitquery.io/
If i set the date range to say 3 or 4 months, can the data be displayed all right away instead of clicking show more rows many many many many times?
Also, is there a way to quickly/easily export all the data to excel?
Thank you.

Regarding your first question, what exactly do you mean? does it happen in the Bitquery IDE?

And about the second question what you could do is to consume the api directly, making a one line request, when you have the request set up you can go to Data>Get Data>From other Sources> From Web or simply Data>From Web.

Hi Crox.
Regarding the 1st question: It just on the main website https://explorer.bitquery.io/
If i was to explore the data info for bsc blocks, if I set a range for the dates, the resulting output right on the webpage is limited to say 100 , and then i have to click all the time to expand the rows.
Is there no way to just export easily all the data right to excel without having to click so many times to expand the the data?

Not sure how to do the second part - i am not a programmer :frowning: , more dealing with excel.
Thank you.

hello sorry for the delay!

the query that bitquery uses to display you can see it here

basically what is happening is that the explorer is doing the query and only gets the first 100 blocks and then adds them to the row, how to solve it? doing the query yourself, you can edit the query according to your needs.

To learn how to do a POST query in excel I invite you to follow this link