Need Help getting Liquidity Pool details for a searched token for my website

Hi, I’ve got a couple of developers working on a website and we want to show the Liquidity pool details when a token is searched on the website. The details we want to show is the balance of the LP and whether it is locked or unlocked. Can anyone help please? Thank you in advance.

You can check the balance using the following query

  ethereum(network: bsc) {
    address(address: {is: "0x441949e9F37A84A0E080Cc6E58247dEE9668D160"}) {
      balances {
        currency {

Now can you show me an example of locked and unlocked supply? So I can see how to check that.

Hi, thank you,
with locked and unlocked there is 2 ways.
1 if LP holder is 0x0000 dead address it means LP is burned/locked or
if LP holder has contract symbol next to it then it means it is locked as well.
see holders link for what I mean: 99.885% is locked

this one on the other hand shows 99.43% unlocked:

link to website that shows this: (left of page)

One way to check how much amount is transferred to burn address is to check transfers

example this query

Another way to check burn address balance for LP currency.

Thank you so much we will try it… you are a legend!!